Adopt A Child Program

Each year, there are hundreds of children in Chester and the surrounding areas in Delaware County that will not receive toys for Christmas without some help from people who care.  This year David Auto will be teaming up with City Team Ministries Chester to help.

Adopt a Child will look very different this year due to restrictions limiting the coordination, sorting and delivery of toys. Instead of personally shopping for each child we are asking that donations be made in the form of gift cards.  It has been a hard year and these children need to have a great Christmas morning more than ever. David Dodge has committed helping again this year; however, we still need help from our friends, clients and vendors. Our hope is to keep the program alive and with fingers crossed, next year we will be able to personally shop for the children.

So how will this work?

If you would like to Adopt A Family this year:

  1. Choose the number of children that you would like to adopt & let us know!:
    1. The minimum requirement is $50-$60/child in gift cards.  If you would like to provide more for the children that you are adopting, please feel free to purchase gift cards in any increment that works for you and your family and/or group.
  2. Buy the gift cards! or Donate Below! 
    1. Let us know how many children you would like to adopt and we will provide you the family # and children’s names
    2. Either  purchase gift cards or donate below!
      1. Please purchase gift cards to Walmart or Target for each child you have adopted.
      2. Or donate below in any increment and we will purchase the gift cards for you!
    3. If you’re interested in doing something for the parents, gift cards to Walmart, Target, Giant or Acme are a welcomed blessing.
    4. Please Do Not Include Cash Gifts!
  3. Label the Gift cards!
    1. If you are purchasing gift cards, please remember to include the family # and child’s first name on each gift card so we can get the right cards to the right families.  If you would like to provide a roll of wrapping paper for the family to use after they purchase the gifts for their children, please feel free.
  4. Give the cards to Kimberly Burfield at David Auto
    1. We need ALL gift cards no later than Wednesday, December 9th!!!

Thanks you for your continued support.

Thank you, to everyone who has donated this year!

Jared Manny

TSI Home Improvements

Paul Oberreither

Rhoads Crossing

Kristen Arthur

Maureen Lyons

Rhoads Crossing

Drew Palavage

Michael Begg

Jan McGill

Margaret Carolson

Western Delaware Valley Lions Club

Adam Simmens

Anthony Marino

Blue Bell Motors

C&B Motors

Christine Rocha

David MacAskill

Joanie Pagano

Kathleen Abney

Adam Simmens

Steve Okon

Colors On Parade

Douglas Kantner

Eric Affourtit

Lauren Forman

Mikes Foregin & Domestic

Bob Yermish

Jane Bruskin

Maryam Phillips

Angela Repice

Fairway Motors


James Atkins

Leah Kordeck

Johnathan Kolle

Kevin Mazzucla

Lisa Andre

Ashlee Skiles

Chris Monaghan

Chuck Bernicker

Dan Komisarek

Dawn Matthews

Denise Saylor

Ken Gray

Mike McVeigh

Steven Lynch

Linda Miller

Jason Finley

Manleys Mobile Electronics

Daniel Ferrari & Co

Sharon Pomponio

Melanie Miller

The Steve Lucas Family

Matt VanBelle

Maired McInerney

Kimberly Burfield